Chiliproject to Redmine Converter

My company has been using Redmine as a basic project management tool for many years. A couple of years ago Redmine was forked by many of the developers to a parallel project known as Chiliproject. At the time we studied the roadmaps and goals of each fork and decided to move to Chiliproject. As the two projects has just separated the transition was fairly easy.

Fast forward two years, Redmine has a thriving community, has upgraded to Rails 3, releases regular updates and has a plethora of plugins. Chiliproject as floundered in comparison. The only updates that have been released in the past year have been to fix security issues in Rails or Ruby.

It was because of this we made the fateful decision to switch back to Redmine. Unfortunately, the projects are much farther apart in terms of the codebase and database structure. Add to this, Chiliproject has truly engrained itself in our company. We needed a way to convert back to Redmine without impacting the users.

After some research we came up with this script to do the job. It has fairly detailed comments, but if you notice any problems or have any comments feel free to add them to the gist.

Special thanks to my employer,, for allowing me to post this work back to the community.